Sunday, June 13, 2010


Artcult would like to warmly thank the McColl Center of Visual Arts in Charlotte, NC for their informative and exciting tour which was given to the art class of Shad's landing Retirement Home on Thursday, May 27th. Exhibitions and Residencies Coordinator Claudia Griffin was more than helpful and we are looking forward to coming by to admire the current artist's work in the near future. Artists such as Dan Allegrucci, Patricia Steele-Raible, and Carmella Jarvi (featured in video) opened their studios to our budding artists and we greatly enjoyed their advice.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just announced:

Artcult has presented a commitment for the Clinton Global Initiative of donating 500 wooden canvases over the next year. Any assistance can be directed through and will be greatly appreciated. Wish us a busy year, Cheers.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

!!! NSC 2009!!! Get your tickets now

The newest installment of the Nuthing Collaborative Summer Concert Series is changing venues and beefing up the already proven excellent record of representing the QC's best artists. This year's festivities will commence at 11 am on August 15, 2009 and will showcase 20 bands for 20 bucks at the NC Music Factory. It will be an unbelievable value and a great opportunity to check out Charlotte's growing infrastructure of musical and visual artistry. Artcult will be participating at the annual Nuthing Clothing musical gala by creating live artwork and giving individuals the chance to explore their own creative energies. Don't miss out, for this is the type of all-day auditory and visual excitement that your senses have been craving, and if you ask anyone who attended last years event at Salvador Deli, they will tell you that there will not be a musical onslaught of this cloth anywhere else in Charlotte. See you there, Cheers

The future of Queen City art!

Color-field experimentation with some of Charlotte's finest art fans.

Just announced! :

Artcult will be providing art instruction and materials for Carolina International Schools in Concord, NC over the fall semester, furthering their exceptional focus on well-rounded enrichment programs and a complete education for today's youth. We would like to thank CIS for their interest in advancing aesthetic appreciations and express our excitement in being a part of such a reputable institution.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our latest addition of smiling art-crafting faces at Shad's Landing Retirement Home in Charlotte, NC.

From left: Millie L., Helen C., Ollie G., Betty B., Georgia A., and Clarice B. They'll be presenting a show on July 23rd. Watch out art world, these girls are feisty and motivated as all outdoors.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Arts Initiative in Charlotte

Wednesday afternoon, amidst an attentive crowd of 160 in the main theater of the Fillmore at the N.C Music Factory, the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and UNCC presented an analysis of the Business Growth Index for 2006 and 2007. The BGI is a barometer of spending and involvement in the Arts of Mecklenburg and the 12 counties in closest proximity. A presentation outlining the need for a new framework for creative exploration in our diverse communities was shared based on the popular enthusiastic desire for cultural development.

Arts and Science Council's Robert Bush announced they and the Chamber are launching a Creative Charlotte Committee made up of creative business people.
In their own words:
"Over the next year, the ASC will engage the creative workforce in a dialogue about their strengths, opportunities and challenges. ASC will also leverage the skills, talents and passion of the Charlotte Chamber's Creative Industries Council. Based on this input, the steering committee will develop a strategy for advancing the role of creative industries in this market.

Both organizations understand the need to attract and retain highly-skilled workers, develop creative industries, as well as expand markets for creative products and services. ASC and the chamber have often collaborated to address community issues and engage the private sector in important conversations. Both organizations are committed to working to advance the creative industries as a key sector in our local economy."
More details will follow on opportunities for both Artcult and our affiliates to help. Volunteers , as always, will be needed but creative thinking and proactive attitudes will be most vital to develop this initiative. Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Artcult on the Road

Summer art classes are underway all over the Queen City and Artcult is hitting the road! We currently have programs that need volunteers, so anyone interested in stretching out the creative mental muscle and spending a little time with a grateful and appreciative soul should not haste in letting us know your availability. Most classes last just over an hour to three hours and we teach/ mentor groups of all capabilities including the elderly, mentally or physically handicapped, low-income families, and others in need. Everything necessary for the classes will be provided and the memory will last a lifetime.

Most importantly, make something genuine and share it.